Your Birth Day Number

Discover what the  day you were born number means to you and how you are using it in your life. So if you were born on 1st of the month, your Birth Day Number is 1.

If you were born on 25th, your Birth Day Number is 2+5 = 7. Always add two numbers together to get one number. If you were born on 28th of the month add 2+8 = 10, then add 1+0 = 1.

The only exception is if you were born on the 11th or 22nd day. These are Master Numbers and stay as they are. Check what your Birth Day Number means to you below.

Your Birth Day Number

Birth Day Number 1

You have an independent attitude and have much will power with a practical, rational approach to situations. You are ambitious, have a positive outlook and have the potential to be a good leader.

The number 1 symbolizes the strong connection you have to creative energy and gives you the inner strength you possess. You are a doer, self-reliant and like to plan.

​If you have a 19 Birth Day vibration you may tend to give your power away to others or dominate situations. This is because you are learning to balance your will with the will of others. It's important to get this balance right.

Birth Day Number 2

You work well with others and prefer partnerships rather than working on your own. You are sociable, friendly and sensitive to others' needs. You are considerate, courteous and modest and are happier working in the background than in the limelight.

The 2 is a feminine and receptive number and feels incomplete by itself. You make a wonderful companion and an excellent diplomat. You are the peacemakers of the world.

Birth Day Number 3

You are good with words and are creative with a good imagination. You are enthusiastic and like expressing yourself through speaking, writing or singing. You have a lot of creative energy and channel it into many things.

​3 is the combination of masculine 1 and feminine 2 so it symbolizes creation. You are the artist and entertainer and can hold a conversation. You like the fun in life and have a youthful outlook.

Birth Day Number 4

You are a good organizer who works hard and is dependable. You are responsible, self-disciplined and honest and likes to set firm foundations.

 The shape of the 4 is the triangle trinity of the first three numbers with the energy connecting down to Earth. This represents stability, honesty and integrity.You are structured, punctual and stable and can stay within your own and others' boundaries and limitations.

Birth Day Number 5

You enjoy freedom and change and get on well with others. You are charming and enjoy indulging in the five senses.

The 5 is shaped like a rocking chair, so it symbolizes change and adaptability. You are uneasy under routine and prefer new and different experiences.

Birth Day Number 6

You love home, family and love to nurture. You are helpful and understanding and make people feel at ease. You are calm and receptive and very artistic.

​The 6 represents the shape of energy in the belly and symbolizes life force, the cosmic parent. You love to comfort people and have a desire for harmony and high ideals.

Birth Day Number 7

You are a deep thinker who needs time away from the maddening crowd. You  like your privacy and are interested in learning.

​The 7 is shaped in a way that the energy rises to the top, symbolizing higher mind, wisdom and thought. You want to be the best in your field and like to specialize in one subject. You have to trust people properly before you can truly open up to them, and have much in the way of wisdom and spiritual and/or scientific knowledge.

Birth Day Number 8

You understand how the material world works and enjoy the luxuries in life. You are very capable and can handle large projects. You are comfortable around money and success.

​The shape of the 8 symbolizes the ability to combine the energy of creative ideas above and put them into practical form on the material plane. You have an ability to be successful in whatever you put your mind to and have a good business mind.

However, with the 8 Birth Day you may still struggle with being comfortable with money, success and/or recognition if you have a missing 8 in your name.

Birth Day Number 9

​You are broad-minded, tolerant and generous. You have a humanistic approach and can inspire others with your idealistic nature. You are sensitive to others' needs and feelings.

​The 9 symbolizes the energy of spiritual knowledge being carried on a person's back. The wealth of wisdom is present in this number. You want to help humanity and have a tendency to want to be of service. You have a compassionate, understanding nature and are creative.

Birth Day Number 11

You are very aware and sensitive, often with high emotions and a tempramental tendency. The high energy of this Master Number gives you nervous tension because you are very connected to creative energy.

​The shape of the 11 symbolizes two antennae pointing from Earth to the sky, meaning that you pick up and are sensitive to other peoples' energies and emotions. You are here to spread a message to help humanity. You work well with others and have good intuition.

Birth Day Number 22

You can see the bigger picture and are a very capable organizer. You are responsible, hard-working and have a desire to work for the good of all.

​It is the Master Builder number and gives you the ability to manifest inspirational ideas onto the physical plane. You have an unusual approach to life and have great inner strength. You have the ability to create a better life for people with your talent of organization and vision.

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