The Personal Guidance System Calculator™ is an online calculator that works out your personal vibrations for every day, week, month and year based on your date of birth.

You experience different energies on different days and each day has a number specific to that day. Once you understand how to 'surf' on these energy waves, you can get what you want from life.

This brand new Energy Calculator will help guide you every day, week, month and year to get where you want to be in your life using your date of birth. Understand yourself and the energies that are affecting you and utilize these energies to get to your heart's desire.

The numbers 1 to 9 represent the processes of life to help you to move forward and grow your life and your business with ease. The Calculator will reveal these processes and how to use these vibes to your advantage. These powerful insights also help you connect to the vibrations around you and be in tune and in flow with life itself.

Try your very own Personal Guidance System Calculator™ for free today for 7 days and discover a new and upcoming way of getting where you want to be with ease. 

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"With thanks to the Personal Guidance System, I have instant access to guidance for my business and personal life. The PGS is aiding me in making better decisions in my business and personal life and anyone can benefit from using this amazing tool from Number Savvy Numerology."

Katrina Bruni
One of the UK's top Bloggers and female entrepreneur,

"To have the PGS Calculator available directly at any time I need it has been of great value, to help me make decisions within my business. Using Numerology has revolutionized my business. Following it last year, I wrote and published a book in just 7 Months. Numerology has helped me plan dates for my marketing, planning, strategy and much more."

Jude Hill
Author of Sadness to Sunshine and award-winning Therapist/Mentor,

"The PGS Calculator has changed the way I plan my business. I think anyone who wants to be more connected with the hidden flows of energy that influence us and wants to harness that information to improve their business will benefit from this too."

Hazel Addley
Life Coach and EAM Mentor,


Discover how you can get what you want using your own personal energies. Use your vibes to get what you want.


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