Number Savvy Numerology

Numerology is a new and powerful way to transform your business.

Put yourself in the driving seat with the Number Savvy System™. 


The Number Savvy System™

Discover how the Number Savvy System™ will help your business reach maximum success. Have a FREE DISCOVERY CALL WITH EMILY and find out how you can take your business to the next level.


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Number Savvy Numerology

Putting you in the driving seat.

What Is Numerology?

Discover more about Numerology and how this Ancient Science is changing the way we structure and plan our modern day business.

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The Number Savvy System™

The Number Savvy System™ is a 3-Part System to bring your business to its maximum potential.

Discover the Number Savvy System™

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PGS Energy Calculator

The Personal Guidance System Energy Calculator will give you general guidance for you every day, week, month and year from your day and month of birth. The Personal Guidance System will give you guidance on your personal energies and how to use these energies to make the most from your life.

Discover How 5 Business Women Used Numerology to Maximize their Business Success and their Life in 2017.


Five Women and their Number Savvy Success Stories

Emily R Hughes

"Knowing exactly where you are in your life and your business journey is the key to putting yourself in the driving seat.

Taking uncertainty out of decision-making heralds a new way of living our lives. Tapping into the energies around us to get into the flow of life for maximum success is the transition we have all been waiting for."

- Award-winning Numerologist and Creator of the Number Savvy System™

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Inspired Achievement Award 2018

Number Savvy Numerology has won a runner up award for Inspired Achievement Award for 2018!

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