The Healing Power of Numbers ~ How Numerology Can Heal Us

When I look back at my life so far, I see my journey, my experiences and sometimes the pain and suffering that I felt and the many learning lessons that I've been through. Only by discovering Numerology have I begun my healing journey and started to understand me and why I am the way I am. I found out why I needed to go through my experiences, why I needed to forgive and how to love me. This journey that I'm still on has helped to bring closure to many things in my life.

I know we've all been through the ups and downs of life and a lot of us wonder why. Why does it happen to me? Why do I keep attracting the same people into my life? Why is this situation recurring? Why can't I move on?

The number 9 energy brings this energy into the 9 number cycle so that we can transition through from the 1 of new beginnings through to the 9 of release and making room for the new, and the cycle begins again.

Numerology shows us that we come back lifetime after lifetime to experience...

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Guest Post: The Power of Self-Care by Katrina Bruni

Uncategorized May 29, 2018
From time to time we all experience the need for some much-needed space. It's usually a build-up of stress, being overworked, and strains from relationships or demands on general life. We can appreciate that we have obligations but if we have destructive areas in our life that require change, then we need to acknowledge this and reevaluate. In order to acknowledge and reevaluate, we need to have time to think and to think clearly which can be achieved through the power of self-care.
Every day brings noise whether it be from outer sources such as those around us, social media, or the internet or internal, such as our own disabling thoughts. It’s one noisy place in the big wide world and we need to be able to calm it down or stop it momentarily in order to be able to think with clarity.
As life inevitably goes on, it has the potential to get in the way of our well-being. We need to make ourselves a priority and we need to realise that we are 100% worthy of taking...
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Why We Fear Our Light More Than Our Darkness

Being YOU. Who would have thought it would be that hard? But I would say that a huge percentage of people would run for the hills and dig a big hole somewhere if they had to reveal their true selves to others. Which begs the question: Why are we so afraid of our light? Surely it would be our darkness that we would fear most, not the joyful expression of who we are. Why would we want to hide our glorious selves in a veil of pretense and sameness, so that we can fit in and not stand out? It makes no sense logically. However, when we take emotion into account, it makes a whole lot of sense.

Emotions create our decisions, rightly or wrongly. So if something makes us feel uncomfortable we want to move away from it like the plague. We react in the same way as we experience the pain that we feel when we are in physical danger, and therefore justify that we are protecting ourselves from the scary situation. But in fact, we are crippling ourselves, because there is a...

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Throughout time, men and women alike have been looking for that special someone. Someone that they can share their life with, but also a person that gives them strength, balance and a feeling of being at one with themselves and each other. That connection we crave will take us to the ends of the Earth to find that special person we can pour our love onto and make our lives feel more whole and fulfilled.

The reason why we 'click' with someone is all about their vibrations and how we are attracted and balanced by their energies that compliment our own. The person that we feel could be a partner for life is also helping us with something that we may struggle with too.

So when Tom Cruise said to Rene Zellweger in Jerry Maguire 'You Complete Me', he really did mean it literally! So, if you feel ungrounded, a grounded person is going to help you feel stable. If you feel that you can't communicate as well as you'd like, then you may be attracted to someone who inspires you to do this.


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The Time Is Now

Oprah’s talking about it. And she may even run for President. There is something in the air right now. Have you noticed it? There is change in the air. Women are now becoming more empowered!  The time has now come for the Rising Of The Feminine energy of the 2000’s and it starts properly this year!

We are now in an unprecedented time where we are not influenced by the male energy of the 1 for much longer. From 2020 we will have come out of the hold of the masculine dominant 1 energy and will be embracing a gentler, more feminine energy of the 2. This will see women rising to the top and leading in a co-operative and kinder manner, a different way of leading that we have been used to under the influence of the 1000’s.

2018 is significant in this change, for it is the Universal year 11/2 (2+0+1+8) and this energy of the 11 is the way forward in the energy influence of leadership. The 11 embodies the leadership qualities of the 1, but also encompasses the 2...

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Why Tracey Emin’s Move To Margate in 2018 is Perfect For Her and Artists Like Her




2018 has a fantastic energy about it. This energy affects everyone in the world and we will all be feeling more inspiring and inspired. We will be receiving ideas and channelling them creatively via words or artistry. 2018 is the 11/2 energy. This vibration affects us all because every Universal Year has a different vibration that we are influenced by. This is proved by Quantum Physics and that everything is vibration. Numbers are vibration and mould our world.

2017 was a tough year for us all. We were experiencing a Personal Year energy that was helping us to face what we needed to face and become stronger for it. Now we are out of the 2017 energy we will experience a happier, more comfortable energy for everyone.

But why is 2018 such a good year for Tracey Emin? Well, the 11/2 energy that we will be experiencing this year in 2018 helps us to really inspire others with our message. It is a sensitive higher vibration...

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Discover Your Personal Year Energy For Success

Hello Number-Savviers,

2018 is going to be a more comfortable energy for us all. 2017 was tough because it was trying to strengthen us and brought us some trials to make us stronger. However, we are now out of that vibrational energy and are now in more enjoyable Personal Year energy. Knowing your Personal Year energy for 2018 is necessary to make the most of your year- for your business and personal life. 

There are 9-year cycles that we experience in our lifetime, and every year has a different energy vibration that helps us move forward to get the most of what we want in life. For example Year 1 is about sowing a seed of an idea and starting something new, whereas Year 8 is about reaping your rewards and manifesting all you want for your hard work. Year 9 is about reviewing your life and making room for the new for the next year, when Year 1 comes back around and the cycle begins again.

Discovering where you are in your 9-year cycle is the first step to putting yourself...

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Oprah Winfrey and her Exciting Year Ahead

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2018

Hello Number-Savviers,

Oprah Winfrey is such an inspirational woman, who has changed so many lives and helped us understand ourselves through sharing hers and others' knowledge and  has encouraged us to express who we are honestly and openly.

2017 was a tough year for us all as we were challenged by the Personal Year energy of that year which is what we needed to balance. Oprah Winfrey was challenged by the restrictive 4 energy in 2017, as she likes to express herself freely and creatively. However, the 4 energy for her in 2017 was making her tendencies to work hard even stronger. It was a roll-your-sleeves up and focus time and the energy may have felt restrictive due to the grounding and structuring energies of the 4. 

This year Oprah will be enjoying lots of opportunity and change coming into her life from all the hard work last year and her foundation-laying. The 4 Personal Year is similar to  laying the foundation of a house. The 5 year of 2018 is about...

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Why The Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Marriage Will Be A Success


Harry and Meghan Wedding Energy Made In Heaven

by Emily R Hughes


The big news for 2018 is that Prince Harry and Megan Markle will be married at St Georges Chapel on 19th May 2018. So what will 2018 have in store for this lovely couple and for us? First of all, let me explain how Numerology works.

Numerology tells you the specific energies of every day, week, month and year and how they affect and influence us from your date of birth. There are personal energies which affect our own life and Universal energies that influence everyone in the world. There are also individual country energies that work alongside these and have influence over us too. So how is 2018 going to affect Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and how will the wedding affect them and us around that big day? Well, let’s start by talking about when the lovely couple first met.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met in September 2016 which was a perfect time for them to meet. For Harry it was his year for...

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7 Days of the Week and Creating A Successful Business



by Emily R Hughes


How the energies of the days of the week help determine productivity.

Numerology is the study of the vibrations of numbers and their effects on our lives. There is also a vibrational energy of each day of the 7-day week depending on the order of the days in the 7-day cycle. Knowing how to utilize the energy of each day will help you become more productive and successful in your business.

Monday – 1 ENERGY

The 1st day of the week is governed by the 1 energy. This number energy gives us new ideas and helps us begin something new. The 1 energy encompasses the energy of the ENTREPREUNEUR. Monday is a good day to write down ideas that come to you and begin something that you want to grow and develop. Connecting with new clients is beneficial.

Tuesday – 2 ENERGY

The 2nd day of the week gives us the energy of the 2. This is a slower energy than Monday and is helping you...

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