Oprah Winfrey and her Exciting Year Ahead

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2018

Hello Number Savviers,

Oprah Winfrey is such an inspirational woman, who has changed so many lives and helped us understand ourselves through sharing hers and others' knowledge and  has encouraged us to express who we are honestly and openly.

2017 was a tough year for us all as we were challenged by the Personal Year energy of that year which is what we needed to balance. Oprah Winfrey was challenged by the restrictive 4 energy in 2017, as she likes to express herself freely and creatively. However, the 4 energy for her in 2017 was making her tendencies to work hard even stronger. It was a roll-your-sleeves up and focus time and the energy may have felt restrictive due to the grounding and structuring energies of the 4. 

This year Oprah will be enjoying lots of opportunity and change coming into her life from all the hard work last year and her foundation-laying. The 4 Personal Year is similar to  laying the foundation of a house. The 5 year of 2018 is about...

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Why The Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Marriage Will Be A Success


Harry and Meghan Wedding Energy Made In Heaven

by Emily R Hughes


The big news for 2018 is that Prince Harry and Megan Markle will be married at St Georges Chapel on 19th May 2018. So what will 2018 have in store for this lovely couple and for us? First of all, let me explain how Numerology works.

Numerology tells you the specific energies of every day, week, month and year and how they affect and influence us from your date of birth. There are personal energies which affect our own life and Universal energies that influence everyone in the world. There are also individual country energies that work alongside these and have influence over us too. So how is 2018 going to affect Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and how will the wedding affect them and us around that big day? Well, let’s start by talking about when the lovely couple first met.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met in September 2016 which was a perfect time for them to meet. For Harry it was his year for...

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7 Days of the Week and Creating A Successful Business



by Emily R Hughes


How the energies of the days of the week help determine productivity.

Numerology is the study of the vibrations of numbers and their effects on our lives. There is also a vibrational energy of each day of the 7-day week depending on the order of the days in the 7-day cycle. Knowing how to utilize the energy of each day will help you become more productive and successful in your business.

Monday – 1 ENERGY

The 1st day of the week is governed by the 1 energy. This number energy gives us new ideas and helps us begin something new. The 1 energy encompasses the energy of the ENTREPREUNEUR. Monday is a good day to write down ideas that come to you and begin something that you want to grow and develop. Connecting with new clients is beneficial.

Tuesday – 2 ENERGY

The 2nd day of the week gives us the energy of the 2. This is a slower energy than Monday and is helping you...

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How Is Your Table Number Helping You?

numerology table numbers Dec 30, 2017



How Is Your Table Number Helping You?

 by Emily R Hughes


Numbers are communications from the Universe to help us and communicate with us. These vibrations also give us certain energies to move us forward in our lives. Once you know and understand this, then you can use that help from our Universal friend and can fulfill your potential tenfold. And who  doesn’t want that?!

Once you start becoming aware of how numbers help you and how they give you energies to propel and guide you forward to where you want to go, Life is so much easier to navigate and it actually becomes a safe and loving place to be. Once you have this connection with Life, you are in control, but more importantly you are soothing your soul and fulfilling your heart’s desire, and this is where you really become deeply satisfied with yourself and with life.

So, I will start by talking about table numbers. When you sit in a café, restaurant or any table with a...

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What Is Your Mobile Number Telling You?



 by Emily R Hughes


Your mobile phone number was given to you for a purpose. Look at the LAST 2 DIGITS of your mobile/cell phone number. What are they? Add them up until you get the one number. This is the trait that you need to balance right now.

This number is important for your growth at this moment in time. The 2 digits can also be looked at individually as they are clues to how you are going to balance this number.

This number needs to be kept in balance for you to grow right now. Have a look below at your reduced number (after you’ve added it up until you get to one number).

For example, if your last 2 digits are 74 then you add the 7 and the 4 together:


Then add the 1 and the 1 together:

1+1= 2.

This number needs to be balanced at this point in time. Make sure you check out each of the two numbers too. If you get an 11, 13, 14, 16 or 19, these numbers will be highlighted below. If there is a 0 this is...

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Recurring Numbers - What Are They Telling You?



 by Emily R Hughes


Hello Number-Savvy lovelies!

I have had a few people inform me that since the beginning of 2017 they have been seeing recurring numbers everywhere and wanted to know what it meant. So, I’m giving you a little heads up on the numbers you may be seeing and what they mean to you at this point in time. Try and remember what you were thinking about at the time you saw these recurring numbers as that is the key to the essence of the message. Keep your eye out for these numbers such as the time on your mobile phone or clock or recurring numbers that you notice as you are going through your day. Even if you see one specific number several times over a short period of time, this will still be a message from the Universe, so check out what it means below.

Recurring numbers are signs and guides, letting you know that you have support from the Universe. It is also a way of communicating assistance and help, in the area of the...

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How Your Home Is Helping You

house numbers numerology Dec 30, 2017



by Emily R Hughes


You subconsciously chose the place you live, in order to help you on your journey here at this moment in your life. Your specific house/flat number gives your place of residence a vibration that is helping you right now.

If you live in a flat/apartment, make sure you use the flat/apartment number and not the building number. The building number will reflect the overall vibration of the building but not your particular residence. If you have a name instead of a number, e.g. top flat or basement then message me or leave a comment below and I will work out the number for you.

How you work out your home number is as follows - If you have a house number of 28, for example, you add the 2 and the 8 which equal 10. Then add the 1 and the 0 together to get your home number of a 1. Just keep reducing like this until you get to one number. If you have a letter after your number, then the letter needs...

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