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Hello all and welcome. My name is Emily R Hughes and I'm a Transformative Numerologist. I work with business women to maximize their business success and champion women in business by putting them in control of their lives using Numerology.

I work with Pythagorean Numerology, which works on the number vibrations of your name and date of birth. This is your Vibrational Blueprint™ and represents who you are. Having this knowledge puts you ahead of the game and helps you to plan your business with certainty. Business becomes easier and more enjoyable and heralds a new and exciting way right now to move your business forward with ease and success.

The 2000's has begun a new energy chapter in humanity's history and it is the time where the feminine energy is becoming more dominant and women are starting to rise in business and in more public and senior positions. This feminine energy of the 2 started to properly take hold in 2017 and will continue to get stronger. This is good news for women as this heralds a new way of leading. Co-operative leadership is the way forward rather than the dictatorship leadership of the last 1000 years and more.



It's now the time to inspire, support and lead others in our business. It is  now time to make a change. Begin that change by having a Number Savvy Foundation Reading with me and take your business to the next level. Or email me at [email protected] for a free Discovery Call about how Numerology can move your business forward.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Much love


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