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How Number Savvy Numerology Has Transformed Women's Lives

Jude Hill is the founder of Sadness to Sunshine, empowering bereaved parents who have lost a child to transform their lives and be happy again.

"Numerology has helped me in so many ways. I've transitioned into a whole new business and it's helped me plan what I'm doing. Numerology takes uncertainty out of my business decisions because I can plan around the energies and know when I need to push forward and when not to. Number Savvy Numerology has helped me plan my workshop and my book launch this year. It's been a really successful year.

I recommend that everyone should have a NSN Blueprint Reading to understand more about them. When I had my Reading, there were pieces in my life that just clicked into place and made perfect sense. It helped make my decision to do a complete switch on my career, and what I was thinking of doing was just another definite sign that, yes, that's what I should be doing and it's the way forward. I'm continuing to work with Emily in 2018. She's been an amazing help."

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Hazel Addley  is a Life Coach and EAM Mentor. She takes you beyond the limitations of anxiety to living powerfully and loving life. 

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"When I had my initial NSN Blueprint reading I was thinking 'what's my life purpose, why am I here, what's going on with me' because I was trying really hard to paddle and make things happen that I thought I should do. The Reading helped me understand that I was in a slow energy year and a lot of the things I was working on needed brewing time. But at the same time, being on Emily's Number Savvy 12 Month Program after my Reading helped me work out which month was the optimum month to launch my Coaching Program and if I hadn't had those deadlines, I wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't have had the confidence to know when was a good time to market it, when to reach people and I wouldn't have been as motivated and focused.

Combining my EAM work with Numerology I have managed to manifest £1000 into my bank account in under 24 hours and I filled my new Manifesting Accountability Group in a one day flash sale. Working with Emily using the Number Savvy System™ has been invaluable."


Karen Jones is a Fitness Trainer, Bootcamp Instructor and Author of Happy You, Happy Body. Karen helps motivate and inspire women to get the body they want. Visit her Facebook Group, Happy You, Happy Body With Karen Jones

"Everything that Emily said in my Reading really resonated with me because I was thinking to myself that my book wants to be about motivating and inspiring others and healing them. I wanted to help other women who I knew were struggling with being happy with their body. So, from just having that Foundation Reading, it gave me clarity and made me feel that I was on the right road. It made me feel that this book needs to be written and it needs to be written by me. It made me feel confident that I was doing the right thing in writing the book, Happy You, Happy Body.

I worked with Emily on her Number Savvy 12 Month Program and she helped me decide the best day to do my book launch and gave me support throughout the year towards writing the book and the book launch."


Kam Winchester, Acupuncturist and owner of Acupuncture In Eden. Kam helps relieve physical and emotional pain using acupuncture.

After having my Blueprint Reading, I took on a yearly business plan reading from Emily. Emily went through the energies month by month and came up with one month that was showing that I wouldn't be doing great with the business and it would impact my health. My health comes first, being a health therapist. This is something I cherish, so when Emily gave me this guidance I ended up booking a holiday retreat and  I sorted out my health, and what an amazing time I had. So Numerology actually gives you guidance and that guidance is up to you how you are going to use it."


Samantha Selby is a Birth Healer and EFT Practitioner. Samantha helps women heal, from birth trauma to physical and emotional pain, helping them move forward in their lives.

For me, mine was really understanding my Personal Year, because I'm in a Year 9 which means that I'm at the end of a 9-year cycle. So it was all about reviewing the past nine years, understanding what was happening for me and was also about letting go of the things that haven't worked for me.

When I first spoke to Emily I was in two minds of whether to start a really in-depth year of self-development which would involve a lot of releasing using EAM. So understanding that this is where I was in my Personal Year gave me the confidence to understand that this was absolutely the right time to do it. I'm just coming out of my 9-year and into my 1-year and I'm feeling that 'oomph' energy which is now reflecting in my work. Numerology is just amazing. Everybody should have Numerology in their life."

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